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Moonlight Cotton Facial Towelettes

Moonlight Cotton Facial Towelettes

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Introducing our innovative Moonlight Cotton Facial Towelettes - the perfect skincare solution for those on the go. Each package contains 25 portable, compact, multipurpose towelettes, which expand upon contact with water for an eco-friendly and refreshing experience during your facial and body cleanse. Elevate your skincare routine with ease and efficiency with our clean, disposable, and biodegradable Moonlight Cotton Facial Towelettes

Alternative Uses

- Add micellar cleansing water or any liquid makeup remover to the compressed towelette until it has expanded. Use the towelette as an alternative to makeup wipes that may contain alcohol that could potentially irritate the skin. 

- Keep a few in your gym bag for a quick post-workout cleanse, and wipe the sweat away! 

- An alternative washcloth for a gentle cleanse, perfect for showers and bath time and can even be used on babies and small children. These clean and disposable towelettes are great for those with sensitive skin and will reduce your laundry load .

- Small spills? No stress! Moonlight Cotton will clean up the mess. Explore the multifunctionality of these towelettes for a range of on-the-go needs. 

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