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Pores UV Love

Mind, Body, & Skincare Super Bundle

Mind, Body, & Skincare Super Bundle

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Introducing our Mind, Body, & Skincare Super Bundle - For those who want it ALL! These handpicked skincare essentials include our best selling Cucumber Water Calming Cleanser, exfoliant face scrub, daily face moisturizer, our 8oz Green Leaf Hydrating Toner, and two serums (Hyaluronic & Vitamin C) that can be layered respectively. These skin nourishing products are bundled in our customized Pores UV Love packaging and include a step by step skincare routine card, yellow citrine healing crystal, and a positive affirmation card. 

Embrace the glow with our Super Bundle box, Where Good Energy Meets Skincare !

Citrine Healing Crystal: *Often associated with abundance, prosperity, and positive energy. It is believed to enhance creativity, boost self-confidence, and attract success. Promotes generosity and releases negative energies. 

*Keep in mind that these beliefs are based on metaphysical and spiritual perspectives, and individual experiences may vary*

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